Company association with M/s Larsen & Toubro for various Projects
  • ABC PAPER, complete showers for PM1
  • West Coast Paper Mills Modification PM1. - Showers & Filters
  • Murli Agro Industries- Complete showers and filters
  • Khanna Paper Mills- PM 4 showers and filters
CompanyĆ¢€™s association with, M/s Servall Engineering
  • Pragathi Paper- Showers & filters
  • Murli Industries - Showers & Filters
  • Murli Agro- Duplex Plant- Showers
  • Bindal Agro- Complete showers & Filters
  • Various other projects of Servall for Head box showers
CompanyĆ¢€™s association with Scan Paper Machines
  • Rupana Paper - Complete Showers, Filters and Doctoring systems for Press & calendar. 5, HP Showers, 5 LP showers, 3 duplex filters
  • Showers for New project in Bangalore. 14 LP showers, 5 HP showers
CompanyĆ¢€™s association with Peer Paper Machine
  • Supply of showers and filter for three projects, Cellulose in Ghaziabad, Magnum paper, and an export project in Africa. 14 Oscillating showers, 10 LP showers and 7 filters
CompanyĆ¢€™s association with Paper Expert
  • Supply of showers and filter for three projects, export project in Africa. 12 Oscillating showers , 10 LP showers, and 7 filters
CompanyĆ¢€™s association with Alliance International
  • Supply of showers and filter for one project, export project in Europe, 3 Oscillating showers, 1 LP showers
Doctoring Systems, Holders - Ranging from 2.5 to 7 Meters length
  • Ramadas Paper, Sri Chakra, Rolex paper, Rajahmundry Paper, Shreyans Ind,JK Paper, ITC, Unit Bhadrachalam , Shakumbri, Khanna Paper, Vishal Coaters, Sri Luxmi Tulasi, Balagam Reddy, Sri Laxmi Prasanna , GVG Paper Mills, Scan Machineries, to name a few
Exports - Showers / Doctoring Systems / Blades:- Ranging from 2.5 to 7 Meters length
  • Crown Paper Mill, Union paper Dubai, MEPCO Saudi Arabia, CARTA MISR, Egypt, Younis Paper, MEB Paper, Baizid Newsprint, T.K Chemicals , Bangladesh Paper Mills, Export Pack, Mostafa Paper, in Bangladesh
Upcoming Projects
  • Peer Paper Machines, Export Order, Servall Engineering - Rana Paper, Filtration Systems to M/s. ABC Paper, Filtration Systems to Ruchira Paper, Filtration Systems to M/s ITC. Bhadrachalam, Filtration Systems to M/s. MEPCO, Saudi Arabia. Shower systems to MEPCO, Saudi Arabia, Shower Systems to Islamic Paper- Egypt, shower systems to Weston Meyer, Thailand