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Auto Self Cleaning Filter

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We are a reliable name for availing high-performing Auto Self Cleaning Filter. The Auto Self Cleaning Filter is known for its excellent performance and high durability. Moreover, with its attributes like high efficiency and long functional life, our products have become a favorite amongst the clients. Providing reliable Filters, we are reckoned as prominent Auto Self Cleaning Filter Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier.

Design Features
  • Filter housing design as per ASME Sec VIII Div. 1
  • Imported Welded Wedge Wire filter element
  • Non clogging imported wedge wire filter element for 2D surface filtration
  • Purging / draining of slurry based on preset differential pressure & / or preset timer
  • Purging independent of cleaning cycle unlike in backwash systems
  • Electro-pneumatic purge / drain valve
  • Motor driven brush cleaning assembly
  • Continuous cleaning of filtering surface
  • Flow direction, inside to outside w .r . to filter element
  • Controller with âAuto, manual & Power Saveâ modes

  • Continuous filtration, unattended operation
  • Clean-in-place filtration
  • Least maintenance
  • Safe & hygienic operation
  • Complete process & operator safety
  • Small foot print, least space requirement


Model GVF-100, 150, 200, 250
Installation Vertical
Filtering Surface Smooth
Filter Element Wedge Wire Type
Flow Direction Inside T0 Outside
Element Cleaning By Rotating Brush
Brush Rotation By Rotating Brush
Housing Design Asme Sec VII DIV. I
Gear Drive Inline Helical
Purge Vale Electro-pneumatic
M.O.C Stainless Steel
Filtration Rating 30 Microns & Above
Flow Rates Upto 500 Cub.M/Hr in Single Unit
Note : Flow Rates vary based on solid load in the feed & filtration rating of the filter element
Operation Principle
1. Unfiltered slurry is pumped to the filter and it enters the housing at inlet

2. With the drain valve closed slurry fills the housing and due to pumping pressure passes through the filter element (welded wedge wire type) and comes out as clean filtrate leaving behind the suspended particles on inner surface of the element

3. As the filtration take place suspended solids will accumulate inside the filter element. Based on preset differential pressure or the preset timer bottom drain valve will auto- matically open for a few seconds discharging slurry containing solid particles. A PLC base controller manages this entire operation Filtering surface (filtration is from inside to outside) is kept continuously clean by a pair of rotating brush mounted on shaft connected to the geared drive

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