Doctoring Systems

We are offeringdoctoring systems in the market. the doctoring systems that we design, manufacture and commission is in association with m/s. essco inc. usa. doctoring systems are designed and manufactured for wire return rolls in complete ss 316 versions and cost effective ss cladded versions as per customer’s specific requirements.

press doctors are designed with self conforming et uniform holders. doctors for centre press with double doctors are also designed.

dryer doctors are designed with either standard kf 35a holders or with new design from essco felxform holders for better conformity with the dryer cans. another version is the patented rjgiii holder for easy maintenance fluff accumulation free.

electromechanical as well as bellow type is provided for doctor oscillationdoctors for size press applications are designed with rigid kf 35a holders in all ss constructioncalendar doctors are designed with et uniform self conforming holders for better efficiency in doctoring, with electromechanical oscillatorsdoctors for mg are designed with et uniform flexible doctors for takeoff position and kf35 a for the first and second position. however, for high speed machines two etuniform systems are considered to be more effectivelinear motion bearings are manufactured in sizes of 40, 45, 50 and 55 mm as a standard with housings of ci and ss as standardturnbuckles for positioning the doctors are manufactured in ms, ss and as per custom requirements with rod eye endscontrol panel for pneumatically loaded et uniform systems is manufactured in reinforced fiber glass

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