G. Varadan Engineering Private Limited Blog http://www.gvaradan.in/blog/ Latest Products Mon, 20 May 2024 02:05:23 +0530 en-us http://www.gvaradan.in An Introduction to Different types of Nozzles http://www.gvaradan.in/blog/an-introduction-to-different-types-of-nozzles_4929.htm Thu, 05 Mar 2015 16:33:23 +0530 A nozzle is basically a device that controls the direction of any kind of fluid flow to increase the velocity as it exits or enters an enclosed chamber or pipe. It is often a pipe or a tube of varying cross sectional area and it can be used to direct or modify the flow of a liquid or gas. <a href="http://www.gvaradan.in/hydraulic-fine-mist-nozzles.htm"><b>Industrial Nozzles</b></a> are frequently used to control the flow, speed, direction, mass, shape, and the pressure of the stream that emerges from them. Many Industrial Nozzles Exporters supply and export Nozzles that are manufactured using quality components and sophisticated technology. Different types of Nozzles Hydraulic Fine Mist Nozzles - The spray tip of this Nozzle produces a hollow cone misting-type spray without atomization. This spray pattern is ideal where wetting is needed without excess moisture. It is used for suppressing fugitive dust in bulk processing plants like Coal, gravel, limestone, sand, ores, etc. It is mostly used for preserving the freshness of vegetables. Self-Cleaning Nozzles - The Self Cleaning Nozzles are suitable for operation on white water and water with contaminants which are likely to clog the nozzle. Wide Angle Spray Nozzles – These Nozzles have a wide angle flat spray pattern with medium to heavy impact. They basically produce a uniform flat spray pattern. Its applications include spray cooling, washing, defoaming spray, fire protection, and cooling conveyor belts. Belt Type Nozzle – They are available both in Needle jet and Fishtail jet types for using in Pulp mill where there is space constraint to fix nozzles. There is no requirement for welding because the nozzle fits firmly on the pipe. It is mostly used in Pulp mill on Thickeners and Presses Nozzle Discs for Self Cleaning Brush – This type of Nozzle is designed to operate on contaminated water used in various treatments. It is widely used in paper mills in wire lubricating showers, for high pressure cleaning, thickeners in pulp mill, asbestos wire, conveyor cleaning, etc. Trim Squirt Nozzles - Trim Squirt Nozzles are specially designed with inbuilt filers that are available in a variety of models. ir Atomizing Nozzles - The Air Atomizing Nozzles are used to prevent excessive drying. This type of nozzle are pressure fed, gravity fed, hollow cone, and flat jet spray. These Industrial Nozzles are important in different sectors and they have proven their usefulness with their performance. Doctoring Systems: Endorsing Productivity http://www.gvaradan.in/blog/doctoring-systems-endorsing-productivity_5126.htm Thu, 23 Apr 2015 11:50:09 +0530 The paper machine productivity would not have been an easy task to achieve without the availability of efficient doctoring systems. Doctors are relied upon for conquering the tasks of many positions which encompass removing the impurities, driving the sheets at the time of breaks and threading, water removals from rolls, and some of the specialty functions like coating and creping. There are many Doctoring Systems’ Manufacturers who are known as the ace in the doctor industry and who are reckoned upon for providing thousands of units all over the world. The units are a boon to a number of paper machines and industrial processing plants. Things To Know About Doctoring Systems:    Function: Being the main structural support beam, the systems are charged up with a greater responsibility and role. They are entrusted with the task of improving the uniformity of sheet, curtailing the maintenance hassles, boosting the energy efficiency, and enhancing runnability. Such features recommend them highly for the papermaking tasks. Design: While designing the systems, their strength, vibration, space requirements, and deflection is taken care of. Their design is well originated and well developed, instituted to be high in precision and elegance. They are fabricated from variants of steel and fortified using other premium materials.  Conformity: Doctoring Systems’ Manufacturers ensure to abide by industry’s norms and standards while designing and developing the systems. This fact lays the foundation for assuring their reliable, safe, and optimal performance and that too for a longer life. Assemblies: Their assemblies include doctor back, blade holder, support and mounting, oscillation, and loading devices. All these assemblies are manufactured using different grades of steel such as mild steel and stainless steel. They are ascertained to be rust proof and water proof. As the entire system’s performance relies upon its hassle-free and reliable parts and accessories, that’s why the assemblies’ fabrication is done with exact precision.  Features: Most of the manufacturers ensure to define these systems by cost effectiveness, longevity, durability, and high-quality components that lowers the maintenance expenses. The components of the machines are capable to be lubricated and replaced as and when required. These components feature abrasion resistance also. Doctoring Systems’ Producers have a comprehensive list of doctoring products, which are felicitous for all the departments of the papermaking industry. They come loaded with an array of components, which are precision made. They are replaceable also. They can also be made available in custom designs and specifications.